Month: December 2018

The Truth About Gateway Filters

Gateway filters are useful because they protect your business from fraud. Right? Wrong! Your gateway filters are declining good orders. Here are the hard facts: 3.6% of all eCommerce shoppers input the WRONG billing address (AVS N). 91.9% of those orders are from good customers. 6.7% of all eCommerce shoppers input a partially correct billing… Read more »

NoFraud is now fully integrated with GiftWizard

Great news for our Shopify merchants! NoFraud is now fully integrated with GiftWizard, Shopify’s leading app for Gift Cards, and the first automated Rewards and Cashback solution. GiftWizard provides merchants with everything they need in order to manage, market and distribute Stored Value Cards. With GiftWizard, you can take your Gift Cards to the next… Read more »

The 7 types of eCommerce fraud schemes you should know about

This article was written by our director of business development for As an eCommerce seller, there are multiple responsibilities juggled between you and your team — sourcing product, quality control, customer service, SEO, HR. One of the tasks that is often overlooked, until it is too late and very costly, is fraud prevention. With… Read more »