Month: September 2021

Fighting Chargebacks: The 5 Mistakes Merchants Should Avoid

Fighting Chargebacks

Because the internet provides great anonymity and transactions are conducted at arm’s length, there exists the unfortunate misconception that online fraud is not really hurting anyone. This deception couldn’t be further from the truth. A recent 2021 statistic cited a sobering 15% increase in online retail fraud since before Covid hit the nation, much of… Read more »

False Declines: What Are They and How to Prevent Them

False Declines

The eCommerce industry is growing rapidly. It’s become more critical than ever for merchants to realize how false declines can significantly impact their bottom line. False declines can be a bigger problem than fraud itself. Research by Javelin Strategy shows that 15% of all cardholders have experienced a false decline in the past year. Furthermore,… Read more »