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Read how NoFraud saved Certified Watch Store countless hours of manual review and completely stopped their fraud.

When Ezzie Schaffran, chief operating officer of Certified Watch Store, approached us last August, his site,, was using a hodgepodge of outside and in-house security measures to catch payment fraud. Schaffran has a long history of fighting online payment fraud, having served as COO of jewelry e-retailer He considered a crop of vendors… Read more »

Fraud Prevention Tips Every eCommerce Merchant Should Know

In 2014, eCommerce fraud cost US retailers 32 billion dollars (LexisNexis true Cost of Fraud Study 2015). That amount soared 11% as fraudsters refocus their efforts on eCommerce enterprises since the implementation of EMV chip technology that makes brick and mortar store transactions more secure. Unfortunately, as fraud prevention methods get more sophisticated, so do the… Read more »