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Preventing Chargebacks for Subscription Billing

Automated subscription payments are quite literally the gift that keeps on giving for eCommerce. Once you’ve successfully acquired a customer, they keep buying and buying and buying. Especially popular among Millenials, subscription-based businesses are booming in practically every industry, from personal care products (ex: Manscaped) to toys (ex: Tinker Crate) to specialty foods (ex: Home… Read more »

Are Freight Forwarders Risky or Safe?

For even the most experienced eCommerce merchant, seeing orders with a “reshipper” or “freight forwarder” address can be nerve-wracking. Many merchants are wary to ship a package, often high value, to a warehouse or storefront. Is that warranted? And how can you tell the difference between a legitimate and fraudulent order to a reshipper? In… Read more »

What Is a Fraud Mule Attack and How Do I Prevent One?

A new hard-to-detect fraud trend is developing among retailers involving fraud mules. Here is how it works: 1. A fraud ring posts a job on a job board, Craigslist or Facebook advertising a quick way to make money, often targeting lower-income zip codes. 2. Once hired, the fraudsters add their “employee’s” address to the account… Read more »

From breach to checkout, how stolen credit card data gets into your orders

From breach to checkout, how stolen credit card data gets into your orders Once breached credit card data spills onto the dark web, it’s only a matter of time before some of that data trickles into your eCommerce site’s transaction volume. Nevermind that you’ve plugged all possible leaks in your payment process. Fraudsters will gleefully… Read more »

NoFraud Partners with Cashier by Bold

NoFraud is pleased to announce an integration with Cashier, by Bold, available to our Shopify and BigCommerce customers. “Cashier is a feature-rich global checkout solution designed to help your business scale. You can create a flawless shopping experience for your customers with advanced features such as Upsell after checkout, stored credit card accounts, the ability… Read more »

CNP Fraud Will Hit.. Are You Prepared?

Originally posted on Inside Retail Australia. Increasingly complex card-not-present fraud will cost retailers US$130 billion globally in digital sales over the next five years. A Juniper Research study predicts that retailers’ slow pace in keeping up with new fraud prevention requirements will allow cybercriminal practices to become more widespread as more and more consumers shop… Read more »

The Truth About Gateway Filters

Gateway filters are useful because they protect your business from fraud. Right? Wrong! Your gateway filters are declining good orders. Here are the hard facts: 3.6% of all eCommerce shoppers input the WRONG billing address (AVS N). 91.9% of those orders are from good customers. 6.7% of all eCommerce shoppers input a partially correct billing… Read more »

The 7 types of eCommerce fraud schemes you should know about

This article was written by our director of business development for As an eCommerce seller, there are multiple responsibilities juggled between you and your team — sourcing product, quality control, customer service, SEO, HR. One of the tasks that is often overlooked, until it is too late and very costly, is fraud prevention. With… Read more »

The Shocking True Cost of Chargebacks

Originally posted by How much would you guess businesses lost to chargebacks in 2017? $10 billion? Maybe even $20 billion? Generous guesses—but not generous enough. Or, maybe you keep up with statistics and you read that the total cost of chargebacks came to $31 billion in a single year. Sorry, you’re still not even… Read more »

Fed Report Pegs CNP Fraud as Retailers’ Biggest Concern

Originally posted by New research from the Minneapolis Fed indicates that retailers are more concerned with fraud in their online channels than any other kind of fraud. Across nearly every size business, Fighting Fraud in the E-Commerce Channel: A Merchant Study found that not only was CNP fraud considered their greatest threat, but half… Read more »